St Tysilio Church stands on a site where Christian Worship has been offered for over 1000 years and still maintains a Christian presence

To arrange baptism's, weddings,funerals or request a home or hospital visit

please contact;-

Priest in Charge: Rev’d Jim Thompson 01691 828438

Churchwardens: Mr Mike Lloyd 01691 831258

                                Mrs Carol Davies 01691 831008

      Treasurer:- Mrs Daphne Jeffreys 01691 830704

Service Times are as follows;-

1st Sunday Family Service 10.00 a.m

2nd Sunday Holy Eucharist 9.30 a.m

3rd Sunday Morning Prayer 9.30 a.m

4th Sunday Holy Eucharist 9.30 a.m

5th Sunday Joint Service at 10.30 a.m within the Border Bridges Group - please check Church Notice Board for further details


Warm welcome to all



We welcome you to our Church. The Church relies for its existence on the generosity of Visitors and the giving of Parishioners. If you pay tax, your gift can be enhanced by 25%, so please put your gift in one of the envelopes and fill in your name, address and POSTCODE.  Alternatively, you can donate using your Smartphone by scanning the QR code or typing in the following link.